Daphne’s Halloween

This Halloween was a great one. This years Halloween was on a Thursday. So I woke up on Thursday morning and looked at my Calender. HALLOWEEN! So I jumped out of bed and went to have breakfast, we had chocolate cereal that morning.  My brother and my dad had hockey practice. My mom and I decided that while they were at practice we would go to the market and get pumpkins for carving. On the way to the market I saw a knitting, sewing and crochet supplies store and went in to take a look. Up one wall was hundreds of balls of yarn. Up the other was buttons, sew on zippers, craft scissors, crochet hooks and knitting needles. Mom being very nice let me pick out a new pair of knitting needing and a new ball of yarn. I choose 7 mm knitting needles and yarn that was 7 colors all mixed in to one. The colors were normal blue, dark blue, light blue, aquamarine, dark green, light green and white.

Then we continued on our way to the market. our car wasn’t parked too far away but it was still kind of heavy to carry 3 pumpkins all the way back. I picked out a tall, slim orange one for Yogi and a  green and orange one for me. Naija picked out an orange and green round one for herself.



Later that afternoon I was carving my pumpkin. First mom helped me cut out the top diagonally and then I pulled  out the inside. Then I took a large, dark blue marker and drew on the eyes and mouth. Then I cut it out.

Even later that afternoon I was putting on my costume. First I put on my black tights on and then my dress and cape. Then I teased up my hair on the sides and put on mascara. Then mom helped me put on some eye liner. I wore my black boots and got in the car to the party.

100_1166      100_1158


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