Morning in Maribor

Yesterday morning, I went with Mom, Daphne, and Naija to a town in Slovenia called Maribor. I didn’t enjoy the trip very much due to seasonal allergies, having to carry around a roll of toilet paper the whole time (and using up the whole thing), getting dehydrated, and basically being covered in snot for four hours. Being so focused on that, I didn’t notice very much of what we did, other than stopping in a bunch of girly clothing shops, eating spaghetti in a dark restaurant, and walking around the town feeling miserable. We got free pancakes from a stand at the side of the road. The city looked like most other Yugoslavian cities, with winding cobbled roads, tall buildings, and lots of squares with shops on them.

I would like to return to Maribor another time and enjoy it properly, when I don’t have all my allergies going.


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