Our Trip To Bled

Our friend Rebecca came to visit us here in Zagreb. But not only is Rebecca a good family friend, she is also our family’s travel agent. She has a family too, but this time she came alone. She came in the afternoon and had brunch with us before going on a ghost hunt with my mom. Later when they came home, we ate dinner and packed our bags for Bled. Rebecca spent the night in my room so I slept in Daphne’s room. In the morning we quick ate breakfast and gathered our things for the trip. We had gone to Bled before so we knew what the best hotels and restaurants were, we stayed at one with a pool so I was more than satisfied! It wasn’t a long drive because we had stuff to talk about and stuff to eat and drink, but if we didn’t have drinks and treats, and we didn’t have stories to tell I bet it would seem a lot longer! But we finally got to the hotel and checked in, we got two rooms. One for Rebecca and me, and one for Daphne,Yogi and mom. We got settled into our rooms before hitting the pool! After a few hours of swimming we went to a pizzeria by the hotel to eat dinner. I did some reading and thinking before bed. I got up nice and early to get a few conversations in before breakfast, we were about to make some tea but just then Daphne,Yogi and mom were at the door to head down to the buffet. So we had a really nice breakfast. Then we went to the lake to walk, after a good walk, we went swimming some more! I love swimming so much, but there’s no pools in Zagreb so I really enjoyed it! Then we had to say goodbye to Rebecca after eating a lot of cream cake.


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