Thankful Poem BY Naija


I am that,

I`m thankful for my jeans shirts and hat,

I`m thankful for the moon and the sun,

And pretty soon I`ll be thankful for trick or treating fun,

I`ll even be thankful when trick or treating is done.


My Trip

On Wednesday my Windsor Park class went on a field trip to Fish Creek Park. It said on the permission slip that it was a hike, but to my great disappointment we caught marsh bugs and learned about them. But I wouldn`t  let that ruin the trip, after all I was with my friends and there were so many cool things to take pictures of. But my favorite thing was the rocks. My friend Olivia and I were finding all sorts of cool rocks. These are the ones that I took home. But if you could have seen the awesome deer climbing up a huge hill, then you would have loved it just as much as me.


A Dog That`s Special To Me

Sometime`s it takes a special someone to make things ok, but It doesn`t always have to be a human that makes it better. For me it was Raven, a special black cuddler who always made me feel happy. She suffered cancer and passed away about a year ago, but just the last day I got to spend with her she talked to me with her eyes and said “believe” I was so upset the next day because she didn`t wake, but then I told myself “believe”.