The joy of Giving

People often think of Christmas as a way to get stuff, and of course it is a gift giving holiday but lets not forget the real important stuff. Christmas has become so much commercialization that its easy to forget that its not about a plastic Santa or a sugary treat, its about family and friends coming together. Its about the beautiful feeling of making people around you happy with a simple thing like a card or a gift. Please remember: Christmas is about giving, not getting. Happy Holidays! WIN_20151126_214355


DIYed pillows

Today I made pillows. The ones in the headphone patterned fabric were made first. I cut open two pillows that weren’t being used and used the stuffing. For the first two I sewed a square of fabric, stuffed it, and sewed a button into the middle. For the LOVE one I sewed a rectangle, then stencil painted the word LOVE, stuffed and tied two strips of fabric on the sides.