Our foster Dog, Boots!

Boots is a black fluffy creature, infact when he first walked through our door he looked quite intimadating. But that thought passes your mind fast when his eyes meet yours and emidiately you fall in love with this 6 year old spaniel, who by the way is rolling around on your hard wood floor. When you feel like he`s smiling at you it`s hard not to feed him under the table. ( don`t feed dogs human food it doesn`t go through thier digestive system as well as ours) His eyes like gold, his fur like silk he`ll slip into your arms like a koala and your heart will light up. He needs lots of love after the sadness of being given up, but you are more than happy to take care of this dog.



what is when it

it is what is

Gratitude Poem

I`m much thankful,

Thankful I am that,

I`m thankful for that dog and that cat,

I`m thankful you,

Whoever you are we all are connected,

From a close,

And from a far,

We all care,

Whoever you are out there,

Thank you for this time that you`ve spared.

My Culture

For a school project we have to create a culture. Mine is going to be located on a little island in Labrador called Nain. These people worship the sky and they are very friendly to the earth, in fact they are so green that they get paid by the government. They love nature and animals, especially dogs and daisys. They have a Dogs and Daisys program to show kids about the study of the sky and how to treat our earth so that they can be good people when they grow up. They also have a special kind of cookie…

Why I want to foster a Dog

I have always wanted a dog but it just does not fit my family`s situation. So then we found out about fostering, which is a lot like having a dog. So basically it`s like this, you go to a shelter and they give you a dog to bring home. The dog lives at your house for as long as the shelter needs, and the other great thing is it`s free. I want to foster because I care about dogs and I want to help.


The Leaf

leaf (1)I want you to look at one of these leaves, focus one that stands out to you. Now lets name it Beck. Beck, is bright green. Beck, has lines on him. These are both truthful observations but lets observe not only the blind facts but what do you see? Could this plant be picked up, dropped on the ground and biodigrate. Well yes, but has it been doing that for years or has it never done so before. It could have fallen into some explorer`s back pack and traveled the globe, or maybe Beck has lived in that three his whole life. My point is that not all nature is a science story, make up your own and leave it in the comments.


My first Soccer Tournament

Being one of the three best teams in the tournament has made my firstĀ  year of soccer a memorable one, this might be the thing I want to do for the rest of my life. Having fun and winning makes me like the game even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WIN_20160104_100611