Chico Our foster dog


This 2 year old mix has come from the North West Territories with a huge smile and an even bigger heart. We don’t know his story and have yet to see what breed he is, but aside from all the things that we don’t know we know for sure that he is going to get adopted very easily. Thanks little guy:)


Boots, Our Foster Dog


Fostering is when you apply to a rescue and they give you a dog to take care of untill that dog gets adopted. I will always remember Boots not only because he was our first foster, but because of all his little cocker spaniel characteristics. The way he’d always have to be forced into his kennel at night, how he’d always jump on you when you had a treat or any type of food. He on the other hand thought everything was food, we caught him eating toilet paper and plastic a couple of times but he never chewed on furniture. He was such a great cuddle buddy. Untill we dropped him off at his new home yesterday, ┬áhe felt like my dog. And even though I’ll probably never see him again, I’ll never forget him.