Fun Virgin Martinies

They have in them:

Pink lemonade 


Blueberry icetea


The black things at the bottom are Oreos and they are ready to serve🍪🍸  


I Can’t Wait For Alaska

I’m so exited to be traveling to Alaska again this summer. Usually every year when we go we have stops along the way, this year we only have one stop before we get to Fairbanks. We get to stay with our friends in Seattle! I love staying with them, from the nerf gun wars to the cake baking to the garage sailing. They are so much fun! And when we do arrive at our house i will get to arrange sleepovers and i’ll get to hang out at the park. I can’t wait to start packing!

My Birthday Party

April 13th was my Birthday, and with most 11th Birthday Party. My birthday party was ice cream themed and everyone slept over, well almost everyone. My friend Lindsay was sick so she couldnt come to the slumber party. Although there was not mufch slumber going on. We usually stay up late eating stuff, but we were so full of sundaes chips lemonade and cupcakes and pizza that we were to full to eat anymore so we danced and had karaoke. Mostly we played truth or dare. We rented the new alvin and the chipmunks move: ROAD CHIP!AnimalJam_1

Chico Our foster dog


This 2 year old mix has come from the North West Territories with a huge smile and an even bigger heart. We don’t know his story and have yet to see what breed he is, but aside from all the things that we don’t know we know for sure that he is going to get adopted very easily. Thanks little guy:)

Boots, Our Foster Dog


Fostering is when you apply to a rescue and they give you a dog to take care of untill that dog gets adopted. I will always remember Boots not only because he was our first foster, but because of all his little cocker spaniel characteristics. The way he’d always have to be forced into his kennel at night, how he’d always jump on you when you had a treat or any type of food. He on the other hand thought everything was food, we caught him eating toilet paper and plastic a couple of times but he never chewed on furniture. He was such a great cuddle buddy. Untill we dropped him off at his new home yesterday,  he felt like my dog. And even though I’ll probably never see him again, I’ll never forget him.

Our foster Dog, Boots!

Boots is a black fluffy creature, infact when he first walked through our door he looked quite intimadating. But that thought passes your mind fast when his eyes meet yours and emidiately you fall in love with this 6 year old spaniel, who by the way is rolling around on your hard wood floor. When you feel like he`s smiling at you it`s hard not to feed him under the table. ( don`t feed dogs human food it doesn`t go through thier digestive system as well as ours) His eyes like gold, his fur like silk he`ll slip into your arms like a koala and your heart will light up. He needs lots of love after the sadness of being given up, but you are more than happy to take care of this dog.